Cremation Memorials in Blaine, MN


Like our custom headstones, Katzman Monument’s cremation memorials are permanent structures specifically designed to hold one or more cremation urns for ashes or remains. These urns along with their cremains, are placed inside the columbarium in an inbuilt space called a niche. Cremation benches, cremation headstones, and monuments are some of the most common memorials that are used for cremation.

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Cremation Monuments & Headstones

Cremation Benches

Cremation benches are another popular way of memorializing your loved one. Our cremation benches are made of solid granite to ensure longevity for
remembrance. Benches offer great color selections, finishes, and customization. Benches are commonly placed in cemeteries and gardens.

Cremation Bevel Markers

Our bevel markers come with a cutout inside allowing for urns and remains to be placed inside. It can also accommodate more than one family member making them easily customizable. Although smaller in comparison to other types of cremation memorials, they do offer all of the same capabilities as our other cremation products.

Cremation Columbaria

A columbarium is a public or private building that can house cremated remains. The urns containing the remains are placed in designated compartments within the columbarium. Like all of our granite memorials, our columbaria are made out of pure granite that will last a lifetime.

Upright Cremation Memorials

Monuments and headstones are easily some of the most recognizable cremation items that we offer. These types of cremation memorials typically have one to four niches where the cremains are securely placed. With so many options for granite color, imagery, and text, the possibilities are endless.

Cremation Pillars

One of our most intriguing and growing in popularity are cremation pillars. This memorial stands upright and may be purchased as a single or double option. A cremation pillar features a hollow chamber that holds and protects the cremated remains for all eternity.

Cremation Garden Pieces

Our garden pieces include benches, garden planters, birdbaths, and more. Their supports have room for endless laser designs or sandblast carvings. Granite birdbaths are another option to complement our cremation memorials.

Statue Memorials

Both stylish and unique, no two statue monuments look alike. These statues can be transformed into a cremation memorial by adding a precut chamber base, allowing any urn to be placed within.


Mausoleums are defined as stand-alone above-ground permanent stone structures. It is designed for above-ground burial. It may house a single person private or many people and be termed a public mausoleum. Learn more about our custom monuments today.

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